Traveling Programs

Traveling Programs bring the animals and plants of Dyken Pond Center to you! Libraries, youth groups and other organizations can be a great venue to instill a sense of curiosity about the environment. Contact us for current prices and schedule.

Libraries: click on this link for current program offerings: Library Programs

We have a wide range of  activities, most running for one hour in length. Our programs are best for small groups where we can invite hands-on learning.   In these programs children will actively explore the topic of the day through hands-on activities, games and crafts. Emphasis will be on sensory awareness, creative thinking and lots of fun to explore the natural world around us!

Traveling Pond: A traveling pond will “splash” its way into your site with live fish, salamanders, frogs and insects. Children will be able to touch live animals and will learn how these animals survive in a watery environment. ( No craft with this lesson).

Sportfishing and Aquatic Resource Education Program ( S.A.R.E.P.): A traveling pond will visit with an emphasis on fish and their natural habitats. Learn how to identify species of common fish and what makes them unique. If you have an outdoor space or larger indoor room, children can practice casting with fishing poles. Next, create a fish print poster using brayers and ink.

Birds: Through games and activities youth will learn what makes a bird a bird, learn about bird adaptations and to identify common species most likely to be at a bird feeder. Create a bird feeder out of recycled materials or a dried fruit ornament that can be hung outdoors to feed the birds.
Other options include beginning a bird journal to record observations or building a bluebird box. ( Bluebird box requires space to hammer together a pre-cut kit and an additional materials cost).

Owls: Learn about these fascinating night hunters, and dissect a real owl pellet to find out what they eat! 

Insects: Enter the fascinating world of insects and their role in nature. Create your own insect to camouflage in a fun game and learn three facts about being an insect.

Nature and Art: Use seasonal natural items to create beautiful works of art. These may include milkweed angels, wall hanging using natural inks and dyes or splatter paintings. Call for more details.

Nature Journals: Create a journal and learn ways to write, draw and record your personal observations about nature.